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Business Web 2 Print Portals – what are they and can they help my business?

How can a Web 2 Print portal help you? In the old days, about 10 years ago, (!) the application of and adherence to corporate brand standards by centralised marketing departments for their network of users or offices was one heck of a task. We’ve all been to hotel chains where someone locally has designed […]


Is printing bad for the environment?

Is printing bad for the environment? During the digital age print has been on the receiving end of some pretty bad rep. In this article we’re going to debunk some of those myths and show print isn’t as bad for the environment as you might think, and that the industry as a whole is progressing […]


We’re live! Our new website

We’re live! Welcome to the new NPS website, we hope you like it! We’ve been working hard over the past few months perfecting our new site. What do we do? We’re a brand communications company. We facilitate the design, branding, production and distribution of hundreds of different items for a wide variety of clients. Items […]