How can a Web 2 Print portal help you?

In the old days, about 10 years ago, (!) the application of and adherence to corporate brand standards by centralised marketing departments for their network of users or offices was one heck of a task.

We’ve all been to hotel chains where someone locally has designed and produced printed marketing and sales materials which very clearly don’t adhere to the hotels brand standards. A little too much ‘Publishertastic’ and not much awareness of why the brand has to be maintained at all times.

Equally, the workload on central marketing departments and their designers can be amplified enormously if there is a desire to design and produce bespoke branded communications for each individual outlets all of which needs to follow brand standards. Imagine a care home company with 50 homes, each of which needs a printed brochure but each of which is unique. How many designers would that take and how long would each individual design and approval process take?

web 2 print portals

What can a Web 2 Print portal do?

This is where we introduce you to Brand Sentinel. It’s now possible to create an online portal with a master design all set up and with individual access allowed for nominated users to select and change only those elements which are allowed. We can dedicate unique photo libraries for each user, disallow or allow private photo uploads, as well as either allowing or disallowing text changes anywhere within the document or within a specific part or even a line.

It’s like designing by numbers for non-design literate employees, the corporate team designs a template and then any, some, or all the elements can be changed locally. Everything is secure and locked downed, only the elements the central team decides can be changed.

Once they are changed the system will automatically send proof approval requests to management and only once they are approved will the final document be ready for us to download and produce.

The system can also be told that the eventual approved document is for local production and it will generate a high resolution pdf and email to whoever needs to receive it.

It’s a hugely impressive and sophisticated system but one which, for the end user is simple to use, and for the corporate design & marketing team removes a significant amount of repetitive burden from their day.