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Direct Mail

Direct Mail, Direct Mail Marketing, Direct Mail CampaignCorrectly targeted direct mail can produce outstanding results and it’s all about combining accurate and up to date data with collaterals which appeal to the eye and have the right call to action that immediately engage your potential customers.

We can source targeted data on your behalf or you can provide your own, either raw or de-duped and cleaned. All direct mail is produced and fulfilled in-house. For some clients this is undertaken on a same day basis with time critical letters and brochures needing to be produced and mailed out on the same day.

The days of mass un-targeted mailings are over, and far too many businesses ignore the targeted direct mail of their prospects at their peril, worried about the high cost of postage. Actually mailing each campaign is relatively economical and mass mail rates are available for any form of campaign.

If the product or service you’re offering runs into the thousands of pounds, then spending tens of pounds on a direct mail campaign over a few weeks on each targeted prospect may need only a few of them to come on board for you to show a return. Campaigns often offer reliable returns with negligible cost.