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Web to Print

Web to Print, W2P, Brand SentinelWe know that the more devolved an organisation the more difficult it is to control brand usage, and producing variable marketing for multi-site businesses is costly and time consuming. With that in mind we’ve developed Brand Sentinel as our web to print system (W2P) to manage and control all your marketing and essential branded collaterals. We also know that producing the artwork for marketing collaterals for multi-site businesses or organisations can be costly and extremely time consuming and Marketing departments who value their brand must ensure that it is being applied correctly even if this process takes place in-house.

Whether the design work for each location is undertaken in-house or externally, this cost, together with the time needed to check, proof, approve, order and then ensure delivery to each location, quickly mounts up. Brand Sentinel allows your nominated users to adapt your marketing collaterals to suit their local needs, in user friendly stage each tightly controlled by you.

Permissions are assigned to your nominated users who have access to your Brand Sentinel portal 24/7. Your users will log on and begin the process of amending the collateral to best suit their own particular requirement. The system will recognise the user and automatically pre-select the collaterals pertinent to them with their own data. Having selected the item, they need they can start making their changes. Once your user has created their collateral, the system can be set to save the item into a location pending management approval before it goes to order and despatch. You decide at which stage of the process you want to approve, or you can switch off management control all together.

All the changes they can make have already been pre-determined by you so no one can order or amend something you don’t want them to have. Every time your user creates a new item it is saved to their history so they can re-order quickly without going through the whole process again.

Brand Sentinel can be set to act as a simple ordering and stock control portal to supply third party products to your locations rather than spending time undertaking this function from head office, and we have clients who use it for workwear, generic H&S items, new starter induction packs, and ID badges. Our team also has experience and expertise in corporate uniforms and workwear, all of which is tightly controlled and managed by Brand Sentinel.

Brand Sentinel allows you the option of setting hard monthly budgets for each user, allowing you to plan and tightly control expenditure, and we supply monthly expenditure reports, by product and user, so you will always know who is spending and what they are spending it on.